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  • Use Secure FTP for data transfer
  • Implement an SFTP server using industry-standard best practices for security measures
  • Unified Threat Management security features, including leading-edge firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-spam, and web filtering

Networks & Servers

About Symantec Endpoint Protection:

  • Protects data against unwanted manipulation: Locks down endpoints to prevent connections from thumb drives, CD burners, printers, and other USB devices
  • Prevents data leakage: Prevents sensitive and confidential data from being extracted or stolen from endpoints
  • Prevents infection: Prevents endpoints from being infected by viruses spread from peripheral devices

Data Integrity

Offsite backup data transfer -- safe, secure and fast:

  • Multiple off-site backups
  • 256-bit encrypted tunnel
  • Transmits the imaged data to a secure offsite location where it resides in an encrypted, compressed format
  • Greatly reduces the risk of data loss incidents that plague magnetic tape and prevents man-in-the-middle attacks during transmission
  • 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), never broken, the gold standard of encryption techniques

Network Integrity

  • Security patch management
  • 99.99% network uptime
  • Backup Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • Conference presentations