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Case Studies

You operate in an increasingly dynamic and complex health care environment, which only promises to become more so as health care remains at the forefront of the national agenda. Regulatory pressures, quality of care concerns, and access challenges are all business imperatives that demand sound, actionable intelligence and evidence-based solutions. Moreover, you don't always have the information you want and need to maximize emerging opportunities.

You need clear, useful scientific information that offers practical, targeted solution to your problems. Our solutions provide specific action steps and support you in communicating to stakeholders. Here are some examples of how Health Analytics have helped other businesses like yours:

Program Evaluation

Health Analytics performed a 12-month program evaluation of a telephonic-based disease management program designed for opioid dependent patients new to buprenorphine-medication assisted treatment.  A paper detailing methodological innovations of this pilot study, which included rapid recruitment and strong retention of a national sample of both patients and providers, was published in a 2010 issue of Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
.  A total of 324 physicians from 40 states successfully recruited new buprenorphine patients into the study. Overall, 1,426 patients enrolled in the study and completed the baseline measure. Nearly 70% follow-up was achieved at each the 1, 2, and 3 month post-baseline measurement periods. A second manuscript was published in a 2012 issue of American Journal on Addictions focusing on the relationship between buprenorphine compliance and relapse to opioid use, while a third manuscript was published in Addictive Behaviors focusing on the distinctions between the various types of opioid dependent patients seeking treatment.


"We wanted to improve patient treatment outcomes by creating a patient support program to compliment our best-in-class pharmacotherapy. Health Analytics evaluated the outcomes-to-ROI link, and then helped us refine the concept and launch a national program that provided the best outcomes improvement for a reasonable investment. Throughout the process, HA provided the data and analysis we needed to make our case to internal and external decision makers, and ultimately they delivered results."

Director of Marketing, New Product Development
Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


 "Despite record spending on employee health benefits, declining productivity was really cutting into our margin. Health Analytics worked with our HMO to help us recognize the impact of health conditions we'd overlooked."



Fortune 1000 Company



"Clinical research indicated that one treatment protocol was reducing care costs and improving outcomes, but providers seemed reluctant to adopt it. We needed unbiased insight. Health Analytics gave it to us."

Chief Clinical Officer

National MCO