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Services for Manufacturers

Our approach to research is to meet your clinical, pharmacoeconomic, or other health care outcomes needs while observing the most advanced analytical techniques and rigorous scientific protocols. Once we have clearly defined your research imperatives and the clinical knowledge gaps that are barriers to your success, we design strategic, scientifically sound studies that will yield meaningful, actionable results. We are skilled at matching or developing the most appropriate research tools with your health care or research questions and budget at the forefront, maintaining exacting standards of scientific integrity.

Data Sources 

Health Analytics is skilled at matching or developing the most appropriate research tool with your business question and budget, maintaining exacting standards of scientific integrity.  For retrospective studies, we obtain data through our relationships with managed care organizations, government, and Medicaid programs, and also have the experience and capabilities to conduct medical chart reviews at provider offices.  For prospective studies, we have experience designing, piloting, and administering patient and provider surveys in a variety of different disease states including inflammatory, rheumatic, and addictive diseases using our patent pending subject recruitment and data capture system.  We routinely integrate claims data, charts, and surveys at case level.

Customized Studies

We recognize that your research needs may not fall neatly into a specific category. Our broad expertise means we can develop highly targeted studies that answer questions important to you. We craft observational studies, CME tests, program evaluation research, one-time physician surveys, focus groups and other innovative approaches to precisely meet client and industry needs.

Economic Modeling

With most new therapeutics, the question arises, "Is this therapeutic better or just different?" In modern medicine, there are two components to quality health care, improved health outcomes and efficiency. Health Analytics' economic modeling is designed to answer key questions such as:

  • Does this new therapeutic allow physicians to treat greater numbers of patients?
  • Is the therapeutic less expensive, allowing more people to be treated for lower cost?

Pragmatic Clinical Trials: Late-Phase and After-Market

Pragmatic clinical trials are among the most expensive, yet essential, forms of research. Health Analytics' combined resources means that we can custom design and manage after-market clinical trials on health improvement, disease management, and other many other clinical interventions. Our trials of existing medications and devices answer key questions such as, "Is this medication or device more effective in combination with a disease management protocol?" We then translate our findings into action steps that can improve product performance and clinical outcomes.

Case Studies