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In addition to publications produced by the Health Analytics' scientific team, each member offers their own personal experience producing manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals and posters for conference presentations in numerous areas of expertise.


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Lo, B., A.D. Swafford, K.A. Shafer-Weaver, L.F. Jerome, L. Rakhlan, D.R. Mathern, C.A. Callahan, P. Jiang, L.J. Davison, H.E. Stevens, C.L. Lucas, J. White, R. von Borstel, J.A. Todd, and M.J. Lenardo.  2011.  Antibodies against insulin measured by electrochemiluminescence predicts insulitis severity and disease onset in non-obese diabetic mice and can distinguish human type 1 diabetes status.  J. Transl. Med. 9:203.


Zeilinsky, R., J. Lyakhov, M. Hassan, M. Kuban, K.A. Shafer-Weaver, A. Gandjbakhche, and J. Capala.  2011. HER2-affitoxin: a potent therapeutic agent for the treatment of HER2-overexpressing tumors. Clin. Cancer. Res. 17:5071-81.


Watkins, S.K., Z Zhu, E Riboldi, K.A. Shafer-Weaver, K.E.R. Stagliano, M.M. Sklavos,  S. Ambs, H. Yagita, and A.A. Hurwitz.  2011.  FOXO3A Programs Tumor-Associated Dendritic Cells To Become Tolerogenic in Human and Murine Prostate Cancer.  J Clin Invest. 121:1361-72.


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Salcedo R., J.K. Stauffer, E. Lincoln, T.C. Back, J.A. Hixon, C. Hahn, K.A. Shafer-Weaver, A. Malyguine, R. Kastelein, and J.M. Wigginton.  2004.  IL-27 Mediates Complete Regression of Orthotopic Primary and Metastatic Murine Neuroblastoma Tumors: Role for CD8+ T Cells.  J Immunol. 173:7170.


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